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  • Are you an official company ?

    We are an official company registered with the Ministry of Commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and our headquarters is in the city of Riyadh, we work in the field of information technology in 6 countries and we have many customers at the level of private sector and government sector.

  • Are there any hidden or undisclosed fees ?

    We deal with clients in complete transparency, where we provide the customer with a price quote of all project costs after knowing the project idea from the client and the project costs do not go out of what was mentioned in the price offer at all

  • Can I control my site or my application completely ?


    Yes, you have a user and password to be able to control your project, whether it is a site or a mobile application at 100%. We also deliver the code to the customer upon completion of the project.
  • How can I cancel/pause my subscription?
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